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Wait a second? Hold up I thought God was doing something new, healing the sick changing lives etc… So miracles are real and have been real all along. I feel so deceived. So why isn’t this a common thing in the Christian community. They say stuff like that is radical but to be honest that’s just normal Christian stuff. Its all over the New Testament. To be honest I don’t think we truly believe the Bible. I mean to believe that we can go to heaven because a man was brutally killed sounds ridiculous right yet we believe it but we don’t believe that God can use us to show his love for the world through miracles, signs, and wonders… Come on church rise up and get out of your comfort zone.

John 3:16 (Gods love for us)

Mark 16:17-18n (Do you Believe?)

John 14:12 (Greater works shall we do)

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July 21, 1971