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Life begins with Jesus

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

So im 21, live on my own, have a car, have a job(thank you Jesus), and Im Christian. WHY WOULD ANY ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND stay away from partying, drinking, sex, ETC ETC. Im here to tell You Jesus is alive and ive lived on the other side and THEIR IS MORE. True life comes from Jesus. Im not here to condemn or point fingers bc i was their and that never got me closer to Jesus. Im here to challenge U not to be satisfied, bc their is more. You have a bible and you can read, their are plenty of churches in S. fl where you can encounter God. the resources are their will you use them…


So we cant worship to dubstep???
So Gods gift in a person created a genre of music called (Insert-Your-Fav-Type-Of-Music). Gets perverted by the worlds standards and now is know as evil music just bc they decided to add sex, drugs, and alcohol to what God originally intended to be music to exalt his name… Jesus i thank you for the uprise in talented Christians who are going to create music that glorifies your name in more than just one genre, that wont succumb to this immoral music industry. Cant wait for music that will edify, uplift, and challenge my life.

I had a woman on the phone today who was concerned about a test result from her doctor, it had been over a week that she could not get a hold of her doctors office and asked that by any means possible I reach her office. I had attempted this office before and had full belief in what she was saying but of course I proceeded to attempt the line. I asked the Lord to clear up the lines and immediately I hear from the other line, “don’t give up, you never give up in life” so I patched the call and opted out. I was reminded of Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your request be made known to God. Some of us are like this woman we’ve been “calling” and it feels like our prayers are not getting through. We’ve let worry creep in and have lost hope. In Daniel 10:12 we see as he is visited by an angel on the 21st day of his fasting/mourning and the first thing the angel says is, “for from the first day… your words were heard”. I am here to tell you that from day one God has heard your prayers. Don’t give up but, let your requests be made known to God, like Daniel and the woman they did not stop at day one and both received the response they were seeking. Quitting is not an option. What are a few things you have stopped praying about that are still relevant in your life? And why did you stop? My pastor contended for years before he saw consistent healings but he never gave up. Don’t lose heart in your prayers and know what your contending for (ask God) because you may just be one prayer away from your break through.