May it be Done to Me

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Something that I have been meditating on was how Mary reacted when the angel told her about Jesus birth and And Mary said, “Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.”

Luke 1:38

What’s crazy is how she didn’t doubt the word over her rather she accepted it by saying ,”may it be done to me.”
I feel encouraged to meditate on the things God has spoken over me and saying, “may it be done to me.” 

I hope this encourages you as it has me. 


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God Gave Gifts to Men.

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In the bible it speaks of God giving gifts to men. These gifts are people five fold ministers Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers. Ephesians 4:11-12. Today I’m going to mention just two. I was in a really cool meeting where we were sharing entreprenural ideas. I really didn’t know why I was there but I felt that I was supposed to be. After this meeting I left blown away. There is a desire that God has put in my heart. Tonight after sharing my desire I began to see why God gave us such amazing gifts and the need for them. The Apostle and Prophet their DNA screams out, “Heaven on earth!” I knew that already but tonight I was able to see it in a different way. As the prophet dreams with God and see Gods desires the apostle comes in and grounds the prophetic word. Almost as if this prophetic word grew out legs that were now able to touch down on Earth. The word was floating in heaven and the prophet was able to retrieve it but without the apostle the word would never touch earth. Without the the apostle this God dream would remain a dream. The apostle is able to bridge the gap between heaven and Earth by instilling the practical side of things. Grounding these God dreams and bringing heaven to earth. I want to be a part of that. This post was spur the moment but I hope to be writing more in the near future. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you and God bless.

This is something my pastor wrote. Definitly Check it out!!!
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Wait a second? Hold up I thought God was doing something new, healing the sick changing lives etc… So miracles are real and have been real all along. I feel so deceived. So why isn’t this a common thing in the Christian community. They say stuff like that is radical but to be honest that’s just normal Christian stuff. Its all over the New Testament. To be honest I don’t think we truly believe the Bible. I mean to believe that we can go to heaven because a man was brutally killed sounds ridiculous right yet we believe it but we don’t believe that God can use us to show his love for the world through miracles, signs, and wonders… Come on church rise up and get out of your comfort zone.

John 3:16 (Gods love for us)

Mark 16:17-18n (Do you Believe?)

John 14:12 (Greater works shall we do)

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July 21, 1971

Its time to get Baptized

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I was on my lunch break, and I went to see my friends get baptized(I was not going to get baptized) but I felt drawn to those waters. I could feel fire on my fingers every time I stretched my hand and prayed for the baptizee’s. I didn’t go prepared but fortunately my friend had extra clothes so I got in. The second I got in I felt a heat rush into my body and  it was quite soothing being that the water was cold lol. Finally it was my turn. FYI this was the first time I ever spoke to pastor we had emailed but never spoke face to face, and he told me three things that I was struggling with at the time, one of which was depression and he said these die today. I came out of those waters a new person. Something happened when I came out of the water. I was happy and filled with Joy. As a friend put it, in  salvation you die to the flesh and in baptism you bury the flesh. If your not saved, get saved and and if your not baptized get baptized you WILL see the difference, you are no longer bound to sin, the Bible isn’t just rules but instead life. That guy you see in the picture is not who you see today and I thank Jesus for all that he has done since. As for the depression it hasn’t been around since.

Jeremiah 39:18 and Philippians 3:12

Life begins with Jesus

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So im 21, live on my own, have a car, have a job(thank you Jesus), and Im Christian. WHY WOULD ANY ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND stay away from partying, drinking, sex, ETC ETC. Im here to tell You Jesus is alive and ive lived on the other side and THEIR IS MORE. True life comes from Jesus. Im not here to condemn or point fingers bc i was their and that never got me closer to Jesus. Im here to challenge U not to be satisfied, bc their is more. You have a bible and you can read, their are plenty of churches in S. fl where you can encounter God. the resources are their will you use them…

So we cant worship to dubstep???
So Gods gift in a person created a genre of music called (Insert-Your-Fav-Type-Of-Music). Gets perverted by the worlds standards and now is know as evil music just bc they decided to add sex, drugs, and alcohol to what God originally intended to be music to exalt his name… Jesus i thank you for the uprise in talented Christians who are going to create music that glorifies your name in more than just one genre, that wont succumb to this immoral music industry. Cant wait for music that will edify, uplift, and challenge my life.